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Customer service relocation - 23rd February 2018
MidCoast Water Services customer service functions will move to Forster and Taree Council offices from Tuesday 3 April, providing a single point of service for all council and water services.
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Close watch on water supplies - restrictions possible - 25th January 2018
With temperatures continuing to exceed 30°C and river levels dropping, the community’s responsible use of water means there will be no introduction of water restrictions just yet. However, restrictions may be necessary if the hot dry spell continues beyond next week or if water usage increases.
Facebook Q and A - 23rd October 2017
Members of the community have recently asked some questions of us via local newspaper social media sites - here are some answers to the most popular questions.
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Clap, Clap, drink tap - Whizzy to visit local libraries - 29th September 2017
Whizzy the Waterdrop will be heading to local libraries as part of Water Week 2017 celebrations.
Monitoring local water supplies - 21st September 2017
A hot dry start to spring and increased water consumption across the MidCoast region has prompted warnings water restrictions may be needed within the next two months if the situation doesn’t change.
Water meter replacement program - 28th August 2017
The water meter replacement program is being undertaken to replace all meters more than 15 years old, and ensure we are obtaining accurate water use readings for your quarterly accounts.
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Water services to integrate into MidCoast Council - 28th June 2017
NSW Minister for Environment, Local Government and Heritage, the Hon. Gabrielle Upton MP, has today approved the proposal to dissolve MidCoast Water and move its functions into MidCoast Council.
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Exploring the wonders of science and engineering - 16th May 2017
More than 1300 local school students will have the chance to explore the wonders of science, engineering and mathematics when they take part in the 14th annual MidCoast Science and Engineering Challenge in Taree this week.
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Reduced developer charges on public exhibition - 1st May 2017
A review of developer charges for water and sewer services currently on public exhibition by MidCoast Water will see drops in charges by at least 10 per cent. The developer charges for water are set to reduce from July 1 should the plan, available for community comment until Friday June 2, be endorsed.
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Operational plan works to deliver water supplies for the future - 24th April 2017
MidCoast Water's Operational Plan will deliver on a firm commitment to provide quality water and sewer services to the people of the MidCoast region by moving on important projects during the 2017-18 year. Administrator of MidCoast Water, John Turner said the coming year will see MidCoast Water invest in progressing the construction of a second water scheme for the Manning and Great Lakes communities as well as undertaking required water and sewer maintenance projects.
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