Plumbing services

  • MidCoast Water is responsible for hot and cold water plumbing inspections for all areas whether sewered or non sewered that are serviced by a town water supply.
  • Plumbers should contact MidCoast Water's plumbing inspectors and provide notice of at least one working day to arrange a plumbing inspection appointment.
  • New water meters/services generally take up to three weeks for installation after payment is received. This time can vary depending on the workload in the area.

Non sewered areas

  • The responsibility for drainage inspections in non sewered areas rests with the local council.

  • Your local council also deals with septic tanks, onsite systems and stormwater/rainwater related issues. They can be contacted on the telephone numbers below.

  • You can contact MidCoast Council offices at Taree on (02) 6592 5399, At Forster on (02) 6591 7222 and at Gloucester on (02) 6538 5250.